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Two Brothers Studio

Two Brothers Studio is a quality sound production workstation utilizing high quality musical instruments, microphones, pre-amps, outboard gear, converters and monitoring.


The majority of the recordings we create are produced at the Home Studio, as this allows us to charge very affordable rates without the compromise of sound quality. It is a friendly home environment that encourages creativity and enables artists to perform at their best without the pressure of having to spend 'big bucks.


Two Brothers Studio is located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 


Recording rates are currently set at $45 per hour.


Pony Recording Studios

Pony Recording Studios is a State of the art facility located in Hallam, Melbourne. It features a great sounding drum room which is very flexible acoustically allowing us to achieve anything from a very open and reverberant drum sound, to a more closed and focused one.


This studio features many high quality musical instruments, microphones, pre-amps and converters making it the ideal studio for recordin drums.


Rate: $650 per day (engineer included)


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Echidna Studios

Echidna studios offers a large recording space (perfect for drums), a smaller drum/vocal room and a control room. It is fully self contained with a kitchen, bathroom and bunks (for those long sessions). 

It is very affordable and popular amongsts artists with smaller budgets..


Rate: $500 per day (engineer included)


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Black Pearl Studios

This state of the art studio offers everything a dream studio could offer. Complete with two control rooms, four live spaces and a huge array of studio equipement to go with it, this studio is sure to meet the needs of any artist.


Rate: $700 per day (engineer included)


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